Naraku PHVA Carburetor for Minarelli - 17.5 mm

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  • Код nk201.03
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  • Тегло: 0.550 кг
  • Well priced, good quality 17.5mm carb from Naraku for Minarelli and CPI engines and is a must have for an tuned engine and in particular 70cc engines improving idle and acceleration issues.

    Original air box can be used.

    Jets: Main Jet 90+, Pilot Jet 34, needle A12.

    Main Jet 90 (M6 Dellorto)
    Idle 34 (4mm)
    Intake Diameter: 24mm
    Outlet/Air Filter Diameter:35mm
    Manual choke operation (not included)

Цена за брой: 100.00 лв.

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