Malossi Variator set for 139QMB/ QMA GY6

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  • Код M.5113139
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  • Тегло: 0.800 кг
  • Malossi Multivar variator for great drive and shifting, as well as increased top end. [computer-optimized running surface] Now available for Chinese 4-stroke scooters with 139QMB and 139QMA engines. Specially developed for 50cc 4-stroke Chinese scooters. Counterpressure spring should be replaced, otherwise the 7g weights are too heavy. We recommend 5.5g weights if the spring is not replaced for one reason or another. Delivery includes: 1x counter pressure spring and 1x set of weights (16x13/7g). 1 x unrestricted variator sleeve.

Цена за брой: 135.00 лв.

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