Naraku Kit 70сс for CPI/Keeway 12mm

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  • Тегло: 1.200 кг
  • High-torque 70cc NARAKU cylinder kit with 12mm gudgeon pin. This cylinder kit is not designed to be revvy, but rather it shows its strengths in the lower range. Just above the idling speed comes solid, constant and very strong acceleration. All that, without straining the engine at unnecessarily high engine speeds. The power output from standing make for very good starting and traffic light getaways, and "hill climbing" is made easier, even with pillion! The sound is fairly standard. This cylinder highly suitable for everyday use, because the performance improvement can be achieved using the original exhaust system. Compatible for original and sports exhaust systems. Jetting must be increased [+7% to 10%]. Delivery includes gaskets and the original head is retained. Replacement parts for this kit can be selected from the list below. When installing the piston rings, please make sure that the "T" or "J" mark indicating the ring stop of the piston ring is pointing upwards. Otherwise the piston cannot be installed into the cylinder.

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