Onza Ibex XC 26x2.00 Rc2 C3 60TPI - foldable

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  • Код 10000179
  • Производител:
  • Тегло: 0.600 кг
  • The IBEX (or Capricorn) is known for fast, smooth and safe locomotion in mountaineous terrain, and the tire named after it is no different: Thanks to its wide open tread, you do not need to compromise on either loose gravel or in wet conditions. No trail is too steep, no section too narrow and no root too slippery for this all round tire.

    • Category:XC
    • Weight:530g
    • Casing: XC
    • Bead: Kevlar/Foldable
    • Rubber: RC2 55a
    • Durometer:65/55a
    • Tubeless ready
    • TPI: 60

Стара цена: 80.00 лв.
Нова цена: 65.00 лв..

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