Motul Scooter power 4Т oil - sinthetic 1L

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  • Код mt-832001
  • Производител:
  • Тегло: 1.200 кг
  • 00% synthetic high-performance engine oil, specially developed for the latest generation of 4-stroke scooter engines with direct injection or carburettor. A perfectly adapted formula prevents the build-up of deposits and keeps injectors clean. Extra performance, extra protection. Also suitable for engines with a catalytic convertor. The low-viscosity also ensures quick coverage, even on cold start-up, which conserves fuel and protects the battery and starter from premature wear and loss of performance. Standards: API SJ, JASO MA Motul oils are our outright recommendation. Motul is not the leading brand in two-wheeled lubricants for nothing, and is number one for customer satisfaction. 1 L

Цена за брой: 30.75 лв.

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