Motul Scooter expert 4T Oil - tehnosythetic 1L

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  • Код MT-831901
  • Производител:
  • Тегло: 1.200 кг
  • emi-synthetic high-performance Technosynthese® Motul engine oil, specially developed for 4-stroke scooters with or without direct injection. Reliable protection against wear; keeps your engine clean and is compatible with catalytic convertors. This oil builds a stable covering layer that reliably keep the engine cool and protected, even under the demanding conditions of traffic jams. Standards: API SJ, JASO MA Technosynthese® is a registered trade mark of Motul and guarantees the user at least a 50% synthesis ratio. Legally, an engine oil needs only contain a 5% semi-synthetic ratio. Motul offers the end user an assurance and a truly semi-synthetic oil. 1 L

    Dispose of content / container in accordance with the local regulations. Recycle packaging if free of product residues only.

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