Naraku Variator kit for GY6/ Kymco 50cc/139QMB

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  • The NARAKU HS High Speed Variator is an evolution of one of the most successful variators for 4-stroke vehicles. The design of the weight surface yields maximum torque and top speed. The secret of a good variator is in the ability to hold the revs in the upper range for a long period of time. In this area, the HS-variator is one of the best variators for 4-stroke engines. Even other renowned manufacturers have difficulties here.

    Another advantage for the not so ambitious tuner, is that the NARAKU HS variators are supplied pre-tuned. The HS variator is supplied with a set of 50cc tuned variator weights.
    Note: Similar copies from China are available under other brand names. These however do not correspond in power and design to the original 4-stroke Naraku variator. The copies are very easy to recognize: the sliding bush is grey, the original is brass.

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