Motul chain lube off road 400ml

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  • Код MT-815516
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  • Тегло: 0.900 кг
  • Specially developed chain lube for the extreme demands of off-road motorcycles and quads. CHAIN LUBE off-road is ideal for chain both with or without ring seals. It guarantees lower friction between the chain links, stops sand, dirt and mud from entering the chain. Distribute sparingly, optimal dosage, water-repellent, protects against corrosion. Excellent adhesion and penetration. Our tip: We recommend this product for all types of chain drive. Very good value for money among the top products, apply at least after every 2 petrol stops. Note: clean the chain with MOTUL CHAIN CLEAN before use to greatly lengthen the life of your chain.400ml can

Цена за брой: 30.00 лв.

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