Shiro SH-839 Ruta

Описание на продукта

  • Код 200000308-2
  • Производител:
  • Тегло: 1.800 кг
    • Shiro SH-839 Ruta is a new Flip Up model in the collection of the Spanish producer Shiro Helmets. Immediately noticed some major changes compared to the previous modular helmets Shiro. The button is pressed with a finger, usually with the thumb. While embedded sunglasses are mechanized and again appear with the help of sliding in the upper part of the helmet. Makes a good impression and availability of chinstrap. Completely renovated interior fit better compared to its previous Flip Up models

      Material: ABS resine
    • Visor: Clear, anti-scratch
    • Inner sunglasses: Mechanized sunglasses
    • Ventilation: Manual activation of chinstrap and rear openings
    • Weight: 1600 g
    • removable interior
    • Fast micrometric quick buckle
    • Certificates: DOT and ECE 22.05

Цена за брой: 180.00 лв.

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