Motul Mineral 100 2 stroke oil

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  • Код MOT837511
  • Производител:
  • Тегло: 1.000 кг
  • 2-stroke mineral oil for separate and mixed systems. Standards: API TC, JASO FB-level. Cost-effective, quality mineral-based oil from the leader European oil manufacturer Motul. These oils are suitable for standard and untuned 50cc engines. Ideal for scooters and mopeds with speed restrictions. Already these low-revving engines have a lower operating temperature in order to effectively burn the high-alloyed semi- and 100% synthetic 2-stroke oils. Mineral oils burn better in these engines and don’t clog the exhaust system or combustion chamber as quickly. 1 L bottle.

    Dispose of content / container in accordance with the local regulations. Recycle packaging if free of product residues only.

Цена за брой: 22.00 лв.

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