Naraku variator roller set 16x13

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  • Код NK916.058
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  • Тегло: 0.060 кг
  • Set of 6 variator weight weights from NARAKU. These high-quality HD [Heavy Duty] weights not only perform very well as a stock weight replacement, but also show their true potential in high-end engines.

    During production, the inner ring is carefully knurled and only after this is it bonded with the plastic. This prevents the weight material from separating from the inner ring under temperature fluctuations, which usually happens with cheaper weights. The high PTFE content in the outer material provides good self-lubrication and durability and the characteristics of the Teflon provide smooth Variator shifting.

    Very good value for money and one of the most durable weight components in our range.

Цена за брой: 16.00 лв.

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