Fire Eye Goosebumps-C Lock-on Grips

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  • We have not even thought that the Fire Eye will fail to put into production flu. Hardly nastrahnem by some handles, but Fire Eye Goosebump-C offers us a good opportunity to better vision of each bike regardless of its purpose and riding style. Aside from the eight colors that offer Goosebumps-C are comfortable, give the necessary security without slipping on the hands or gloves. Two locking ring ensure that the handles will not be spun or breaks down latex at the wrong time. Their length is sufficient: 128 mm, and the side have aluminum cap with Fire Eye logo that protect the helm of pores or injuries.


    System attachment: Two aluminum ring (Dual lock-on system)

    Material: Aluminum rings and a side cap
    Length: 128 mm
    Weight per pair: 118 grams.
    Suitable for all handlebars and riding styles
    Colors: White, black, red, blue, green, purple, brown, gray

Цена за брой: 35.00 лв.

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