HT Components ANS06 platform pedals

Описание на продукта

  • Код 10000302
  • Производител:
  • Тегло: 0.350 кг

    • pedal weight(pair) 336g /per pair
    • size:94 x 95 x 17mm
    • body material magnesium extruded / CNC machined
    • spindle CNC machined cr-moly
    • pedal bearings needle bearings + one DU bushing
    • pins replaceable anodized aluminum pins (AAP)

    HT Components ANS06 was reduced to 336g. compared to is former model AN06 2014 440g. The ratio between quality and weight is optimized. 8 colours available, including 3 variaties of blue (marine, royal and sky)


Стара цена: 200.00 лв.
Нова цена: 140.00 лв..

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