Onza Citius DHC 26x2.40 RC2 40x40 TPI

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  • Код 10000210
  • Производител:
  • Тегло: 1.110 кг
  • When the conditions are dry and the courses dusty and blisteringly fast, rolling resistance is a decisive factor in downhill racing. To ensure our team riders can reach their maximum speeds, ONZA tires‘ Citius is the perfect tire choice! Available in a 2.40-inch width for 26 and 27.5 inch wheel sizes, this tire is designed for dry, shallow depth surfaces. The Citius (latin for “faster”) features densely packed knobs throughout its centre section for fast rolling performance. The tread on the tire’s shoulder offers plenty of traction to stick to the fastest line in corners and off-camber sections. Want to break some course records? The Citius is all you need.

    • Category: DH
    • Type: wire
    • Size: 26 x 2.40
    • DRC
    • 45 or 55a
    • 40 x 40 TPI
    • Weight: ≈ 1100g

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